Monday, 8 March 2010

Bass Clef @ Undertone, SCY, Lincoln

Room 1 - Undertone - Bass Clef / Heppy J / Donnie Propa / TrickStep

Room 2 - Rugkutta - Deep & Chunky House

This month we're ridiculously excited to bring Bass Clef to Lincoln,

BASS CLEF - LIVE (Blank Tapes)

A true innovator, using traditional analogue methods to create heavy dub music. An act with real dance-floor pressure, his live show bypasses laptop/looping and has an infectious and giddy allure. Dubstep-not-dubstep with ringing cow-bells, heavy trombone blasts and effects all spicing up his deep, deliciously warm undertow.

Check this amazing Bass Clef Live Mix

Facebook Event

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